Great organizations are built upon great people. Recruiting is a key component of an organization’s Talent Acquisition strategy and as such, does not have to be an painful topic.

How many times have you heard CEOs complaining about high vacancy rates or attrition? Should that happen, recruiters and hiring managers are tempted to lower their selection criteria and adjust incentives to attract candidates. This may end up in a dangerous reinforcing loop: salary inflation, frustration, lack of engagement, high attrition, high vacancy rates…

We’ve been there before so we can sympathize and understand your frustrations and dilemmas. Because of this we have designed a process to give maximum leverage to you, HR and business line managers, so that you can invest more time in people´s development, engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. Our process and tools also help to reinforce your brand message; building a modern, cutting-edge image of your organization and showcasing the best of your company to qualified candidates. At INGENIA, we are aware of the importance of considering potential candidates feelings. We know they have multiple options and it is essential that they enjoy the recruiting ride. This is relevant also to generate goodwill in your communities.

We are not an RPO, nor are we are born to replace internal recruiters. Our goal is to collaborate in the implementation of efficient processes without losing the human touch. We take care of the most sensible aspects of the recruiting phase with a special focus on solid selection that makes screening much easier. Because our methodology and workflows are scalable,  we specialize in working on multi-position assignments to  handle your regular & one-off talent needs and help you to attain your organic & inorganic growth goals.

With a partnership mindset, we work with you on a retained basis, modified to make sure you pay for what you get while we keep our commitment to perform our job.

We have built a 5-step process, specifically designed for the mid-market segment that has clear deliverables and an on-going robust reporting system:

Step 1 – We understand and define goals
Step 2 – We analyze & identify talent
Step 3 – We perform assessments and select
Step 4 – We validate, prepare and present our selection
Step 5 – We provide full support in the process

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