How We Work

How We Work

Our Search Process

INGENIA Talent Solutions is obsessed with providing a high quality service and a prompt delivery of our promises. We have built a 5-step process specifically designed for the mid-market segment with clear deliverables with on-going robust reporting. We listen and learn; analyze and identify; assess and select; validate, select and present; and lastly, provide support in the final selection process. We are your partner in top talent selection.

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Understanding & DefiningAnalyzing & IdentifyingAssessing & SelectingEvaluation & PresentationSupporting
The first stage of the search process consists of developing a deep understanding of the organization and its culture through interviews and material review (i.e. videos, brochures, presentations, etc). Collaboratively, the client and INGENIA work on defining the ideal profile of the applicant’s past (experience, past performance), present (skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviors underpinning successful performance) and future (potential, as his / her capacity to adapt to new challenges).

Soon after the kick-off meeting, INGENIA submits a blueprint of the search process that defines all relevant aspects of the job-to-be-done and guide the selection process, including a project timeline with specific milestones and well-defined deliverables

We begin with the end in mind – discovering the perfect talent for your company

We believe sourcing candidates from multiple sources is a necessary but not a sufficient way to guarantee a successful search. In today´s fast changing world candidates are more and more connected, they have more choices, use more channels, and “name generation” is becoming more accessible and faster.

At INGENIA we see limited value in the provision of off-the-shelf candidate lists. We believe that candidate experience and exposure to the employer starts well before their employment start date. Therefore, even before getting into the recruiting phase, we work on leveraging the INGENIA & the employer brands to engage talented professionals while making the career opportunity an attractive one for them.

Soon after the submission of the project blueprint for candidate search, INGENIA  presents to the client a check-point report to validate initial findings of the sourcing process as well as the candidate workbench while adjusting accordingly.

Careful analysis and identification leads to selecting the absolute best candidates for your team.

Selecting the right candidates is instrumental in INGENIA´s value proposition. We strongly believe candidates have the right to enjoy the assessment and selection ride. This also generates goodwill for the client, regardless of the outcome of the process for the candidate.

INGENIA´s consultants take over the responsibility to execute the following three phases:

  1. Screening Call
  2. Competency Assessment
  3. Digital Interviewing

INGENIA presents to the client on the spot reports with the up-to-date status of each of the candidates using innovative ATS. Once we discover specific metrics and understand the drop off rates, then we adjust accordingly

Because we believe the right candidate means everything, we use detailed and innovative assessing systems

From the number of candidates interviewed, INGENIA presents only the most suitable ones for the position, optimizing the time spent on the search & selection process. We present the candidates through a confidential executive report, detailing curricular information, professional fit, cultural fit, and other findings.

Once the candidate report is presented, the leadership team within the organization may then decide to interview him or her personally.

We’ll present you with only the best. We want your success just as much as you do.

In order to attract the best candidate for the position, the final stage involves a joint effort on behalf of both client and INGENIA. We assist in coordinating the interview logistics and subsequently we may help in the offer extension and negotiations with the candidate.

We go the whole mile with you. We won’t stop just short of the finish line.

As your partner, we do all we can to support you in finding the very best.