What We Do

What We Do

Successful recruiting begins with identifying potential candidates, engaging them to elevate their interest in the company, and then selecting the most qualified professionals for a superb corporate match. As simple as that. We have made this process very straight forward, thinking on both employees and employers, making it much more attainable with agile, fresh, robust tools and clear expectations. Organizations will discover that this will sustain their business-as-usual needs while also allowing for ample growth.

We believe the recruitment of mid-managers and qualified professionals is well underserved: large search firms abandoned it; internal recruiting teams not always have the optimal resources or incentives; Social Media is here to stay, but as a very useful tool that needs to be wisely managed, not as a unique recruiting strategy; and “name generation” strategies are becoming a commodity.

New technologies are shaking up the way professionals are hired, and in order to be helpful, we need to do much more than just compile a list of names. Today, more sifting is needed and “name generation” strategies create issues in attracting the right candidates. There is not much focus on selecting the best, which provokes high levels of disengagement, frustration and attrition among employees and an increasing workload for recruiting teams and business line managers. The way we see that: organizations need to recruit top talent, showcasing a positive Return on Investment with a seeking purposeful commitment, not a contingency plan.

INGENIA Talent Solutions is obsessed with improving the recruiting experience, for both organizations and candidates. Our value proposition is based on the following principles:

  • We have a deep understanding of employers and candidate desires
  • We strive for excellence, with a relationship rather than transactional approach
  • We use an in-depth, agile and attractive selection process
  • We discuss progress with real-time, actionable reporting
  • We are supported by a leading international search firm with significant track record in the US
  • We present attractive, well-defined financial arrangements to ensure high ROI