The Power of Reset

The Power of Reset

 March 22, 2017     Job Search

Today, I need to write to escape from politics. I want to be optimist. And optimism is what brings me to this post. Let me share with you a brief story. One of my young daughters is in competitive sports.Read More

3 Ideas to Support and Mentor Other People’s Children

Summer is always a terrific opportunity to spend time with younger relatives and friends. In my case, I have the chance to get to better know a large group of wonderful nephews and nieces, who are no longer teenagers andRead More

How to Choose Your Clients

Having the luxury to choose who you work with has been on our aspirational whiteboard since we set up INGENIA. And this is a tough one… especially if your company is in an early stage and your brand name is stillRead More

It’s Fun to Turn One!

Flying back home after a good week on the road, I realized two things: first, that I have not written a post since Spring; lazier or just busier? Anyway, there is no excuse to abandon this healthy habit. Second, that myRead More

How to separate yourself from the dominant crowd

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect — Mark Twain That would be my current LinkedIn status: pausing & reflecting. It’s been 7 months since we set up our newRead More

Good Bedtime Readings

These are links to several readings we found could be of interest for you. Hope you enjoy them!   Compassionate Management (LinkedIn post by B. Casnocha) To Get a Job in Your 50s, Maintain Friendship in your 40s (New YorkRead More

Generational Differences

Generational Differences

 April 16, 2015     Job Search

Last week I had the great pleasure of enjoying breakfast with one of my distinguished Professors from MIT. Despite his overwhelming curriculum, he is humble enough to spend quality time with (current and former) students like me, dedicating his undivided attention to aRead More



 April 13, 2015     Job Search

Silence. In this world of constant communication and next-big-things every other week, silence dominates in some instances. Lately, I feel we are becoming quite selective with whom we interact, getting less responsive to those who do not belong to ourRead More

Building Empathy

Building Empathy

 March 13, 2015     Job Search

One of the beauties of being in recruiting is the fact that you deal with real people. You must love it, though. In a crowded space, if you want to become a trusted advisor and move away from the transactionalRead More

Why & When Partner with External Recruiters

This snowy Winter in the Northeast is giving me the opportunity to catch up with my reading. I’m currently absorbed by one of the most exciting business books I’ve ever come across – Zero to One, a masterpiece written byRead More